Aisleen McEvoy (Flanagan)

Aisleen Mc-Evoy (Flanagan)

Pilates Instructor

Aisleen fell in love with Pilates from the moment she did her first mat class over 12 years ago. She’s been taking classes - first on the mat and later on the Reformer as well - where ever she could find them, working with different instructors and different styles of Pilates.

Aisleen had first come to Pilates Studio Kildare in 2013 and haven’t left since.
Over the years she’s been taking group classes, private sessions and then joined the Pre-Natal classes when pregnant with her third child. Coming back to her Pilates training shortly after she gave birth Aisleen found that Pilates had helped her cope better with the busy life of a working mother of three young children.

Over the years Aisleen dedication to the Pilates method grew and she become a true devotee of the method with her body taking each breath, each movement each muscle recruitment to it’s full potential.

In the Spring of 2016 Aisleen took the plunge and embarked on the vigorous Comprehensive Teacher Training Course (CTTC) of BASI to become a qualified Pilates Professional. On top of the 12 modules learning, practical and written exams and a written paper, Aisleen training included over a 500 hours of observation, personal practice and teaching practice – giving her knowledge and a full understanding of Pilates theory, exercises and teaching skills on all Pilates equipment (Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Ladder Barrel and Arc).

Aisleen favourite Pilates apparatus is the Reformer but she re-discovered the Pilates Matwork when we introduced our original Gratz Pilates Mats and loves teaching the Mat in the more classical Pilates tradition.

Soft spoken and calm Aisleen classes will take you through the Pilates repertoire in a fluid manner that would move your whole body with focus and intention.

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