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Efrat (Aoife) Kahanov

FOR Your Life

Published on 3rd Jun 2017 at 10:58 by Efrat (Aoife) Kahanov

Did you hear about Club Pilates???

If you did not: Club Pilates is the largest network of franchised Pilates studios in the world. Club Pilates has over 350 locations in the US. Club Pilates is expanding rapidly and is the hot new thing in the Pilates world nowadays. Now you know.

It’s been a long while (too long!) since I’ve been to the States.

I have never set foot in any Club Pilates studio and cannot tell you a thing about their classes or their instructors (they have their own Teacher Training).
What I do know is that there’s a world of difference between Club Pilates and my own local Pilates studio in Kildare town.

Club Pilates is a huge corporation, with hundreds of studios and their aim is to bring Pilates (“but modernized”) to the world! In 2016 alone they served hundreds of thousands of people, in over 22 million classes, and they say they’re only getting started…impressive, ehe?!

On the other hand, our Pilates Studio Kildare is a small privately own studio; we teach Pilates in the more “classical” way and, I admit - as the owner:
I have absolutely no ambition for world domination and no plans to take over the world.

[Did Pinky and the Brain make it to Ireland???]

Anyways - -

While Club Pilates business is about numbers (more studios, more members) our studio is about relationship.

Pilates Studio Kildare doesn’t reach the world – it reaches our locality: our town, our surrounding area, our community.

Our studio is about YOU coming into the studio week after week, month after month, year after year. It’s about trust, loyalty.

We don’t have the financial or business support of a huge corporation.
We rely on building a genuine, long-term relationship with you so we can serve you and our community the best we can.

[Left: Pilates & Pinot Paint it Pink event - Oct 2015. Right: Valentine's Day Feb 2017]

Joseph Pilates didn’t manage to create an organisation around his work.

Pilates was a self-made man that inspired people, and handed over a huge body of work (and the apparatus to go with it). He most definitely believed everybody should do Pilates ("Contrology" was what he called his method), and very passionately wanted the whole world to practice it! He was (as he said) ahead of his time while I, am not, in the habit of getting ahead of myself. I know my limitations. I choose to keep things small and personal.

Because we don’t have the financial resources of a big corporation we have to prioritise and focus on what’s important to us which is YOU.

Instead of investing money in expensive software to manage our customer service – we have the personal touch of calling you, texting and answering all your questions in person.

Instead of spending money on marketing material and/or pricey campaigns we get better equipment to our studio (like our Gratz Pilates Mats) or advance our knowledge by getting further education and more professional training that you would benefit from.

It’s important you understand what our Studio is and what it is not.

It's important you know what we are about.

Something You Do For Your Life.

Club Pilates have a marketing video. We don't.
This marketing video features beautiful, healthy, active people, doing beautifully cool things like snowboarding, sailing, surfing, playing golf, riding horses etc. Yes, there’s definitely and sub-message of ‘If you’ll do Pilates [in our studios] you’ll have this amazing wonderful life’. They're selling an 'image' a lifestyle that you might or might not relate to.

BUT here’s the thing: with all the differences between this big franchised corporation (and their marketing /sales budget and resources) Club Pilates and Pilates Studio Kildare do share a view about Pilates:

It’s not something you do for one hour a day. It’s something you do for the rest of the 23 hours.

We all know we should move more and that one hour a day/week is not enough.

But what if we look at that hour, how you move, what you learn, what you experience, not as something to do “outside” the requirements of regular life?

What if you look at that hour FOR your life and what you want to do in your life?

Here are some examples of what happened when coming to our studio for one hour ended up being about life (I cannot mention names as I didn’t ask permission - they know who they are):

There’s a lovely lady that has been coming to the studio for the past two years. When she first came she had a bad shoulder that caused her quite a bit of grief and a pain in her neck. This lady is now playing golf. Last week she shared with us that she had won her first game and this week she played her first 18 hole! {well done M!}

We have another gorgeous client that have been coming to classes since we opened the studio (more than 4 years ago) – she always wanted to run, but she had bad knees and felt running is not an option for her. She had started running over a year ago and really enjoys her 5-10K runs {so proud of you D!}

Another lady started private sessions in the studio because her right hip was giving her trouble paining her constantly. 6 months on and she just came back from her holiday where she had been cycling - not a bother on her. {Amazing L! You go girl!}

Two young mamas came to me after their first pregnancy and childbirth. They were in bits (one after a back surgery soon after giving birth to her first born, the other could bearly walk). They worked one hour at a time to rehabilitate their backs, hips, pelvices. Feeling better in their bodies and trusting themselves more they got pregnant again and had great pregnancies and birth experiences.  They are both busy mamas of two and are happy with their families. {M & L you are an inspiration for me every day}

There are a lot more examples but I'll stop here.

Do Pilates. Keep Strong & Healthy. Enjoy Life

So this is what Pilates is about. It’s about 'keeping strong and healthy' (our studio’s motto) so that you are able to do the things you need to do and the things you enjoy doing in life.

Club Pilates motto is ‘Do Pilates. Do Life’ – I really wish I had thought of that (no, we cannot use it, they actually went ahead and made it their trade-mark).

I also wish I had the money to produce a professional, really great looking video, to spread the message…

People that play golf come to our studio (even if they didn’t play golf before).
People that ride horses and people that take care of horses come to do classes with us(Horse is synonymous with County Kildare).
Some of our clients love gardening. Some are grandparents who enjoy playing with their grandchildren.
We have mothers and mothers-to-be taking an hour to take care of themselves to feel good (and preserve their sanity).
We have teachers that stand over children to help them in class all day.
Farmers that ride tractors or take care of stock animals make it to our studio too.
We have clients that enjoy walks, cycling, running and coaching kids football.

So, I’m happy to share Club Pilates video with you here with the hope it'll inspire you!

Enjoy, Aoife.

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