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Efrat (Aoife) Kahanov

He invented it. GRATZ makes it. We have it.

Published on 12th Sep 2016 at 09:53 by Efrat (Aoife) Kahanov

Gone are the days of Yoga/Fitness mats for Pilates Mat classes in our studio!

I am absolutely over the moon to have Gratz™ Pilates Mats, now available for ALL OUR MAT COURSES.

These beautiful Pilates Mats had arrived, all the way from Philadelphia, into our studio late summer '16 and after running a very successful pilot program with raving reviews and feedbacks I’m delighted to bring to everyone that new level of quality to enhance our Pilates practice.

Gratz' "He invented it. GRATZ makes it." motto reflect the preservation of the dimensions and proportions of the equipment used by Joseph Pilates in his NYC studio and thus maintain Joe's vision of his Method. 

I invite you all to come and join us in our Mat Classes featuring the Original Gratz™ Pilates Mats and experience the Pilates Matwork the way it was intended, the way it was done in Joseph Pilates NYC studio!

So What Is A ‘Pilates Mat’ Anyway?

The ‘Pilates Mat’ is an elevated mat with thick padding that provides protection to the spine and it includes two important features: The Strap (“Foot Strap”) and Handles (“Dowels”). It also includes two small boxes (“Moon Boxes”).

The Pilates Mat had been designed by Joseph Pilates to bring additional value, that “extra something”, into the studio practice.

(Image courtesy of Chuck Rapoport)

Why ‘Pilates Mat’

Pilates Mat Exercises, as explained and demonstrated by Joseph Pilate in “Return to Life through Contrology” (1945), can be done anywhere, anytime without any specialised equipment. Joseph Pilates wanted the whole world to practice his method whenever and wherever. Students of Joseph Pilates were also expected to practice the Mat sequence at home between Studio sessions.

On the other hand, at Pilates’ original studio in NYC, students and clients did not find yoga or fitness mats to practice the Matwork. Instead, amongst the different apparatuses and equipment invented and build by Pilates, they would find the “Pilates Mat”.

Just like any other equipment designed by Pilates, the Studio Pilates Mats are built for purpose: The soft, thick, shock absorbing padding provide comfort and support for your spine, neck, and knees. The handles and foot-strap add support and stability to the body whilst helping to create that all-important length throughout the body with opposition forces as you pull on both ends.

 (Image courtesy of Chuck Rapoport)

The Connection with the Pilates Mat allows for quicker adaptation in the neuromuscular system. 

The input your body gets from doing Pilates on those specially crafted mats make the work more efficient, more effective and gives your body tactile-physical feedback so new movement pattern can develop faster.

The Pilates Mat teaches you what it feels like in your body to perform Pilates exercises – and with this embodiment, over time, you will be able to recreate and enjoy the benefits that each of the Pilates mat exercises bring to your body.

Our GRATZ Pilates Mats

Gratz™ is the Pilates industry's established source for authentic Pilates apparatus.
Gratz' "He invented it. GRATZ makes it." motto reflect the preservation of the dimensions and proportions of the equipment used by Joseph Pilates in his NYC studio and thus maintain Joe's vision of his Method.

80'' long, 24'' wide and 2'' high, our Grazt Pilates Mats are longer, wider and padded unlike any yoga/fitness available, and feel like a real piece of Pilates equipment.

Here are some of the comments we got about classes on our new Pilates Mats:

I will never go back to doing Pilates on regular mats! Mats are amazing.

Classes on the new Pilates Mats are EXCELLENT! Really enjoy it. The new mats really push me / challenge me to a new level! I love them."

I love the small group size on the new mats.

The strap and handles are really good for stretching and rolling.

I invite you all to our New Mat Courses to experience the Pilates matwork like never before!

See you on the mats,


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