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Efrat (Aoife) Kahanov

✨Light at the tunnel... (New Year 2022)

Published on 31st Dec 2021 at 14:30 by Efrat (Aoife) Kahanov

Hi Everyone,

It's almost New-Year 2022...
I don't know about you, but I'm not really where I wanted to be at this point at time.
I know this sentiment is shared by many.
Covid-19 Omicron variant is "running rife" and transmission of it appeared to be "rampant" and it is so hard to keep pivoting and figuring out what we can & cannot do.
It is hard to block the vibration of The vibration of "when will this end?".

It's the old saying:
The Light At The End of The Tunnel.

We're looking/waiting for the light that will end that long, dark, period of difficulties and 'bad things' happening.

And then, it hit me.

✭ What if we take ourselves OUT of the tunnel?

✭ What if we stop trying so *hard* but *softly* look for the lights outside?

✭ What if instead of getting angry, frustrated / discouraged we GENTLY, TRY AGAIN?!

Before the studio closed for the holidays I was saying in my classes "You don't always have to be your best". 

I think it's important to say it.

Especially nowadays.

Giving ourselves permission to stop trying so hard and allow ourselves to be softer & gentler is an important skill to have so we don't 'run out of spoons'.

Nothing about this is easy...
At a time when we're told to avoid mixing with other households and shop online. A time where everything around us is warning us that the Covid-19 Omicron variant, I'm not even sure it makes any sense to tell you about the New-Year Term of Pilates courses in the studio.

It feels weird and contradictory. 

  • "Why would anyone even consider booking classes or a course now?"
  • "What is the point in sending info and a booking link at this point?" 
  • "How insensitive and out-of-touch it is to do this!"

None of us want to appear insensitive and out-of-touch with reality.

I'm no different.

None of us want to be judged negatively about the choices we make.
As humans we need to feel accepted because, quite literally, our survival depends on it and so our physiology is wired in that way.

It is not easy to take yourself out of the tunnel when you still hope there might still be a light at the end of it.

It becomes even more difficult to take yourself out of the tunnel when you feel helpless and out of control.
Which sometimes we do.
Me included.

Yes, there are things that are out of our control. But, it's never a case of EVERYTHING out of our control.

Even if it's just between two choices (that we can see), we have a choice.

I have a choice.

And I choose, to TRY AGAIN without wrecking myself trying to accommodate every possible unknown future possibility (be it tomorrow, next week or next month. I choose to try the circumstances I'm in NOW.

If things change, and they will inevitably change, I'll just try again under *those* circumstances.

Because I believe in the work that I do.
Because it's part of who I am.
Because I know I can make a difference even when it is the smallest microscopic drop in an ocean.
because I will not be judging you for your choices and you might not judge me for mine.

I can tell you I am, and always will do what is possible to keep you safe.
I will do what's in my power to help you within the walls of the studio.
The one thing I cannot, nor will I ever do, is tell you what to choose.
That, is up to YOU. I can only lay down the options I can offer.
So here they are.

I am not claiming 2022 to be "My Best Year".
Nor am I ready to "Make 2022 Amazing".
But I am purposely going to keep trying to find what is possible.
To keep looking for those lights outside the tunnel until I come across them, see them, feel them, be with them ...

Maybe you'll join me.


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