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Efrat (Aoife) Kahanov

Low Energy - being careful with it especially now!

Published on 17th Dec 2020 at 15:18 by Efrat (Aoife) Kahanov

Hi Everyone,

It's getting really close to Christmas now.
Lots to do, get ready, sort out... it can be stressful or it can be exciting and a lot of how you go through this this period depends of your energy levels and how you use the energy you have.

As for myself, 
I have to be careful about my energy nowadays.
I think so much has happened outside of me (pandemic) and inside of me (reactions and deliberate actions driven from the outside) during the past 9-10 month, it really took a toll on my body that energy reserves are depleted.

I sort of ran out of reserves to push forward through hard things (sure didn't we all?!) and now I find that the amount of energy, motivation and ability to DO things really does depend on right-here and right-now. The old saying “What you put in = What you put out” is truer than ever and if I’m not careful, or get a cold (which I did), my ability to do ‘all the things’ diminishes.

I ran out of reserves because I had to push forward
through hard things (sure didn't we all?!) and now
I find that the amount of energy, motivation and
ability to DO things really does depend on what
I have now.

What energy I have right-here and right-now completely aligns with the old saying: “What you put in = What you put out” and if I’m not careful, or get a cold (which I did), my ability to do ‘all the things’ diminishes - or as I told my mentors in my Master's program yesterday "My productivity sucks!".

You cannot think yourself out of low energy situations much like You cannot think yourself out of stiffness or pain.

Just thinking of what you want to do won’t help actually ‘doing’ the thing, or in other words, THINKING WILL NOT CHANGE BEHAVIOUR.

Same thing goes for feeling pain or stiffness and/or generally feeling yucky in your body: Thinking about how you’re feeling in your body doesn’t change it (in actual fact that can make pain feel even worse).

There’s a world of difference between thinking and noticing which I’ll write about in my next blog, but first, you need to understand that the idea of Mind over Matter, or in this case Mind over Body SIMPLY DOES NOT EXIST.

You don’t have to take my word for it, you just need to understand that our mind (brain) and our body are the one thing.
We are one biological & physiological unit that works together both consciously and unconsciously.

We’re a unit that is connected through lots of systems
but the main one that unifies Brain and Body is our
Nervous System that makes decisions together – and
I'll say it again – both consciously and unconsciously.
If we try to push ourselves, Mind over Body we create
a tag of war.

This tag of war leads to imbalance in our unit and we
pay a price for it with pain, injury, burnout and a few
more unpleasant things we don't want on our health
list ...


The mind might win a battle or two (or three), but it’ll always lose the war.

Even high performing professional and armature athletes (or dancers) have to, at some point, find the balance again which is why you’ll find so much emphasis on the rest period in their training.
If you’ll ever talk to an ex-professional athlete (or dancer), they will tell you about the price their body paid over the years – or you can ask me about my shattered hip capsule, turn ligaments and meniscus in my knee or about my wonky shoulder - because like most dancers, I did not escape from my dancing career injury free... Mind over Body!? I've been there, done that, got the injuries (and T-shirt) to prove it.

I teach Pilates, but first I practice my Pilates.

I was talking before about ‘rest period’ to rebalance the unit of mind & body.
Now ‘rest’ does not necessarily equal sleep and/or doing nothing! In fact, doing nothing, just sleeping or staying in bed all the time can indeed make things worse.
Remember - the physical and mental processes affect each other in our unit - doing nothing physically will give (again) the mind the upper hand.

When you are in pain or your energy is non-existent,
getting up, out and moving can seem daunting.
You fear physical activity will make your pain worse
or feel you simply cannot do it. BUT, in fact, researchers
find the opposite is true:
The right kind of exercise can help reduce pain
and pick up your energy level.

'ENTER PILATES' because it is a process that allows both
parts to start working together, find the balance so the
unit (YOU, ME, ANYBODY) works together harmoniously,
which - - -

So, back to my low energy - - -

I caught a cold that my son brought home from the kid that sits next to him in school. For 3.5 days I was miserable with a dripping nose and sneezing all over the place. With no reserves of energy in my body (see the last 9-10 months) the recovery takes longer than what I’m used to and I’m careful of where and how I use the energy that I do start to regain.

I still didn’t have enough to teach others in the studio this morning (my apologies again to all of you who's sessions were cancelled – you deserve me at my best and, me being able to give you my best!), but I am able to work quietly on the new program I’ll be launching for 2021 because I’m doing it myself.

The New Program is exactly that ENTER PILATES,  and, you’ll be able to learn and follow at any time and any place.

It teaches you how Pilates gets you through the process of rebalancing and bringing together your whole biological physiological unit works through the Nervous System:

The central nervous system (Brain & Spinal Cord)
and peripheral nervous system (cranial
nerves, spinal nerves and neuromuscular

You learn the process of integration which
takes you from feeling tired, stiff, inflexible,
in pain into feeling strong, capable with
reduced pain and able to live your life – 
care of your family, go to work, enjoy
holidays, engage in activities that you
love like running, cycling, hiking, playing
golf or simply picking your kids/grand-kids
up and being able to play with them – with
ease, grace and joy.

I’ll be back teaching until December 22nd.
After Christmas and New year (time for family), I’ll be back teaching from January 4th (afternoons) and morning (from Jan. 11th) and will be launching my New Program in January too.

My email is always open for you!
Don’t hesitate to get in touch, or ask me anything.

Happy Christmas to you and yours,

Much love, Aoifeღ

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