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Efrat (Aoife) Kahanov

Meet The Tower

Published on 17th Jan 2019 at 09:30 by Efrat (Aoife) Kahanov

Opening our new studio in Jan 2018 opened the door to another original Pilates apparatus - The Cadillac and the Tower Units which are the younger more streamlined version of the original Cadillac.

Like all Pilates equipment the Cadillac and the Tower were designed to help you find your body and teach you how to use your body to the best of its ability.

The Cadillac is a big and impressive contraption and in our studio it was nick named “50 Shades of Pilates”

But trust me, there’s absolutely nothing kinky going on during Private sessions on the Cadillac. If anything, there are a lot kinks that get smoothed out and bodies that get untangled, lengthened and straightened out with the help of this.

For classes, we have 4 Tower units so more people get to benefit from what this unique piece of Pilates equipment has to offer.

The Tower Duplicates The Main Functions Of The Cadillac

Joseph Pilates did not create The Tower unit but it was designed to practice nearly all of the exercises from the Cadillac with the exception of advanced moves like inversions and acrobatic tricks that require the overhead bar (Trapeze) and loops.

The Tower consists of a high Mat (on top of an 18’’ high wooden frame) and a Tower with attachment points for all the springs and bars you’ll find at each end of the Cadillac: Arm Springs, Leg Springs, Roll-Back Bar (or Roll-Down Bar) & Push-Through Bar.

The Tower gives you a full body workout that stretches you out and
make you strong and supple from head to toe.

Moving against springs resistance help you feel each movement.

The support and challenge of the springs also help you find length against tension, stretch through oppositions (two way stretching) and most importantly:

You Learn How To Move With Precision To Your Full Capability.

In order for you to move efficiently with ease & grace you need to find balance and control. Working against continuous resistance helps you find and develop the necessary skills for free functional movement and beyond.

Our Tower Classes.

Lie, sit or stand on (or beside) the Mat you work your entire body against spring tension that stretch your entire body from head to toe.

Tower classes combine Pilates Matwork, some Reformer and other unique moves designed just for the Cadillac/Tower incorporating the different spring elements attached to the Tower unit:

  • Arm & Leg Springs to elongate and work arms and legs.
  • Roll-Back Bar (or Roll-Down Bar) to lengthen and articulate your spine.
  • Push-Through Bar to stretch your spine, work your core and challenge your shoulders stability.

Tower Classes Help You Understand & Feel Your Body.
You Learn Through Spring Resistace & Progress Quicker.

Tower Classes in our studio are in a Quartet format, limited to only 4 participants and are 1 hour long. Foundation available for beginners and Levels 1-3 for intermediate & advance work.

Tower Foundation

If you’ve never done Pilates before Tower Foundation is a beautiful place to start your journey. Starting with a small class of only 4 participants gives a much more relaxed and personal environment in which you can focus on yourself. You get plenty of individual attention as you learn the ropes under the watchful eye of your instructor.

The tangible experience of the Tower allows you to truly get to know and feel your body. Working against resistance you will also advance quicker and benefit more from the corrective element of the Pilates exercises.

To start your Pilates journey with Tower Foundation find the class that suits your schedule HERE.

Tower Level 1-3

If you’ve done Pilates before, be it on the Mat or the Reformer the Tower has a lot to teach you and help you achieve and improve your ability.

You might have that Mat exercise that was always challenging for you and you were struggling to do without flailing…well, the Tower will help you break the movement to it’s elements and give you the assisted support to acquire the skills necessary to execute that move without difficulty.

The Tower is also a great place where you’ll find some Reformer exercises - Coordination, Rowing, Short Box, and “Dead Bug” are just a few examples.

The challenge coming from the springs is different from the Reformer and you’ll get to feel those familiar moves differently in your body.

If this sounds intriguing, find a Tower class to the level that fits you and your schedule HERE.

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