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Efrat (Aoife) Kahanov

Our Reformer Classes

Published on 10th Jan 2019 at 09:30 by Efrat (Aoife) Kahanov

Joseph Pilates invented and built an amazing array of spring resistance based apparatus to accompany his Method. Each apparatus was designed to help accelerate the process of restoring body functionality and movement.

The Pilates Reformer (originally called The Universal Reformer) can be considered as the centrepiece of Pilates’ brilliant equipment inventions.

The Reformer is probably the most known Pilates apparatus nowadays and it was the most used in Joe’s studio as he endeavoured to reform mankind.Arguably the most versatile Pilates equipment, both in its ability to adjust to any body type and the variety of exercises available, Reformer work is pivotal to the Pilates Body Contrology system.

A bed-like machine the Reformer uses spring resistance to provide resistance and/or assistance to the body as you push or pull a moveable mat that glides along the frame of the Reformer.

The Reformers springs-resistance gives you a concrete tangible experience as you move with or against the resistance.

The Reformer exercise routines are progressive and take you from lying down for Foot-Work and Leg extension to abdominal and arm work, into lying on your front, sitting, kneeling and standing giving you a full-body workout.
Over the years there have been changes, some slight and some significant in the way Reformer look and feel. Nowadays there are many styles and manufacturers of Reformers. In our studio, our Reformers are from Balanced Body ™.

The Reformer guides your body and helps you keep alignment as you work precisely within its grid. Your movement becomes corrective and more efficient.

To read more about the Reformer and how it helps our body click here.


We Have Two Types Of Reformer Classes:

Quartet Reformer Classes

Intimate classes with only 4 participants, these hour-long classes allows for more individual attention from your instructor to help you understand your body and the movements on the Reformer.

These classes are a great starting point if your new to Pilates and, are extremely valuable if you have more experience, as the setting allows for a deeper understanding of Pilates in your specific body.

Our Quartet Reformer classes use Balanced Body™ Studio Reformer®.
These high-end professional quality Reformers are padded, smooth, stable and quiet with adjustability to suit the needs of any body type and experience level.


Group Reformer Classes

Using a modern version of the Pilates Reformer in a small group (up to 6 participants), our hour-long Group Reformer classes allow you to benefit from personal attention and camaraderie, motivation and fun that comes with working out with others.

Research has shown that Pilates in a group setting helps overcome mental bocks when it comes to moving our bodies and the supportive social environment increases the feel-good endorphins which make us feel happier and more energised.

Classes use Balanced Body™ Allegro® Reformers that were designed for group classes as they are easy to use, safe, solid and have the adjustability to accommodate various body types and sizes.


To find a class that fits your level and schedule click here.

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