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This is where I'll try to add another layer of understanding of what we do, how we do it and at times some shorter items of random thoughts and/or reflections.

Efrat (Aoife) Kahanov

Purpose, Intensity, Commitment & Focus..

Published on 27th Aug 2020 at 14:34 by Efrat (Aoife) Kahanov

Somehow we need to balance the anxiety and restrictions around Covid19 with protecting ourselves.

It seems like a conflict and a tug war between the reality and circumstances we find ourselves in and the knowledge and need of self-care: physically, mentally and emotionally to keep strong and healthy.

For now and until mid September(fingers crossed) we cannot run small group classes so 'Classes' become 'Duets' - A safe 2-on-1 sessions of only 2 participants and a teacher.

Private sessions continue with End of Summer Special Offer.

And despite the restrictions, despite the small number
of people that show up – or maybe
because of all that
– there's a beautiful sense of PURPOSE, INTENSITY, COMMITMENT & FOCUS

Taking the time to ground ourselves through the feet, feel our body move, appreciate every stretch & every lengthening without bypassing the stiffness, discomfort or pain...

Taking the time and paying attention to how we breathe and how we truly feel while diffusing what doesn't serve us anymore means we find ways to stand taller and feel longer, more open and looser in ourselves.

It also means that we find more joy in our days and we can avoid drowning in fear, anxiety and negativity.

My job is to help people feel good in their body. The studio is a safe space to truly take care of yourself (even if it’s only for a little while) so that you become resilient and able to carry yourself through it all.

I am grateful to every single person that shows up and for the amazing opportunity to find out the possibilities that help us all during this time.

Let's keep up the good work.
💕 Aoife.

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