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Efrat (Aoife) Kahanov


Published on 25th Jan 2021 at 14:00 by Efrat (Aoife) Kahanov

Trust is a big thing. It’s HUGE.
It’s so immense it becomes an abstract concept (or a philosophical one).

From my perspective as a Pilates teacher / Movement educator, I deal with ‘trust’ when so many come to me NOT TRUSTING THEIR OWN BODY and with that they’re NOT TRUSTING THEMSELVES.

The feeling that your body failed you in some way, or is against you, is one of the reasons I don’t just give out a bunch of exercises for people to do that would “fix” them.

And I’m not a handy-man or a construction worker.
I’m also not a magic-worker and sadly have never been to Diagon Alley or bought a wand at Ollivanders.

What I do stems from a proven, scientific, evidence based TRUST that your body has a reason. A deep knowledge and trust that all of the human being parts (physical, mental & emotional) are always working towards one goal:
To keep you SAFE and help you SURVIVE!

Your knee is not against you!
Your hips, your back, your neck are not giving you trouble because they woke up one day quite bored and thought to themselves “hmmmm, what shall we do today? Oh, I know I’ll cause some pain and spasm because it’s so much fun!”.

Us humans don’t work that way.
Your body, your mind, your emotions are all working for you – even if they don’t always “agree” with one another about what is best for you.

You are not a one or two dimensional being. You are a complex organism with many parts that work together as one unit.

The only way to build (or re-build) TRUST is to understand WHY a certain part “behaves” a certain way. Learn to listen what it says, when it says it.
Maybe it feels threatened and unsafe, so it’s over protective?
Maybe it feels unheard, so it has to make a lot of noise?

When you understand the WHY and then the WHY BEHIND THE WHY (why it feels threatened, unheard etc.), then you can address the issue – a change of an ecosystem, a change of an habitual pattern that causes stress, a teaching of a different response to the stressor – all those options open up and help resolve the issue.

Learning to trust yourself - trusting your body - is a process, but getting to understand that nothing within you is against you, that there's no such thing as “self sabotage” is an important first step.

Do you trust yourself?
Do you trust your body?
Can you see beyond what’s “wrong” and what’s “missing” (even if it’s cartilage in your joints)?

Lets learn to trust so we feel and believe WE CAN CONTINUE!

As always, here for you, Aoifeღ

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