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Efrat (Aoife) Kahanov

What Did A Chair Ever Do To You?

Published on 3rd Apr 2019 at 09:30 by Efrat (Aoife) Kahanov

A few years ago there was a whole "Sitting Is The New Smoking" movement that swept the media (just Google it if you missed the hype).

Personally I was never took part or joined in with that idea.

I didn’t like the ‘scare tactic’ and negative vibe of the message nor did I agree with the idea that sitting, in and of itself, is a problem.

Chairs have become the symbol of our modern sedentary age.

We now live in a world where chairs are everywhere and it’s almost impossible for us modern, 21st century humans to avoid them.

But the chair is not the problem!

It is the not moving and sedentary life style that is creating a plethora of health problems and wrecks our bodies.

Modern life presents us with a bunch of inactive behaviours where we are sedentary for about 9.5 hours per day, which means we're inactive for about 75% of our time.

  • We drive everywhere and get stuck in traffic for hours in the daily commutes.
  • Desk jobs are now the majority so most of us are unchallenged and uninspired to move at our workplace.
    No wonder we come home from work tired and deflated with no energy.
  • We developed leisure activities that keep us stationary: books, radio, cinema, TV, and the new ones called ‘gaming’ & ‘streaming’…

And our bodies adjust and adapt.

Our bodies adjust to our environment.

Our bodies adapt to what we usually do to conserve energy – so if you sit most of the time, the body will adjust to sitting. If you stand most the time it’ll adjust to standing. If you go to space and live in zero gravity – the body will adjust, adapt and upon your return to gravitational Earth you’ll find it hard to even just stand (as Astronaut Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper found out upon returning to Earth after two weeks in space).

And so, we find ourselves in the "Use it or Lose it" paradigm that determines what our bodies can do comfortably, easily & fluently without stiffness, soreness or pain.

Keeping ourselves healthy is not about sitting or not sitting – you should be able to sit just as much as you should be able to stand, walk, climb, play, pick-up your children (or grandchildren) and lie down at the end of the day.

It’s also not about “The Chair” – it is not its fault. What did a chair ever do to you?

It is about how we use and move our bodies so those bodies serve us better for longer.

In fact you if you want to create better movement in your body using a chair - We have a class for that! (see our Pilates Trio Chair Classes)

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