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Efrat (Aoife) Kahanov

When I say the word MENOPAUSE ...

Published on 1st Jun 2022 at 14:25 by Efrat (Aoife) Kahanov
When I say the word MENOPAUSE ...
what’s your gut reaction?

✺ Is it fear?
✺ Confusion?
✺ A sense of stress, powerlessness?
✺ Impending doom? ...

It’s a world of distress, dread, worry and anxiety when menopause is mentioned.

➤ The list of adverse symptoms is bleak & just keeps growing.
➤ The information we do find (?) is confusing (if not contradicting).

Women entering menopause nowadays live a very different life, in a completely different social environment, than their ancestors where grand-mothering presumably developed.

In most animal species, individuals continue to reproduce until death because the reproductive system ages at same rate as the rest of the body’s tissues.

For us human females the *Reproductive System* ages at FASTER rate than the rest of the body’s cells and women can live many decades after discontinuing reproduction.

From an evolutionary biological stance, it has been suggested that to ensure a better existence of the human species, it becomes more advantageous for a woman to redirect her reproductive effort into increased support of already existing children and grandchildren.

Although it seems that the menopause has evolved as adaptation in previous generations, this does NOT automatically mean that it is adaptive in all situations, or beneficial for mental or physical well-being.

The physiological processes – how our bodies functions and works – change with evolution at a much slower rate than our minds - our amazing ability to learn and integrate new information & new knowledge is so much more adoptive.

Our modern lifestyle has changed faster than our bodies.
Our neurological brains, our nervous-system functioning, our endocrine-systems balancing etc. essentially stayed the same while how we live, our circumstances, our lifestyle changed considerably.

Many physical and mental health issues we’re facing nowadays is a direct result of this MISMATCH.

We live substantially longer than our ancestors in evolutionary history under different social, environmental and economical conditions, no No wonder women suddenly find themselves mid-life in a middle of a storm they do not understand (nor asked for).


No wonder women find themselves, suddenly, mid-life in a middle of a storm they do not understand (nor asked for).

✺ ❝ A sure it’ll be grand ❞ - is NOT going to cut it!
✺ ❝ Just get-on with it ❞ - is doing all of us such a DISSERVICE!

It’s time to acknowledge what women are going through.
It’s time to understand and find ways to make things better.

➤ It is time to OPEN UP this taboo subject and BREAK THE SILENCE that leave women feel alone and isolated.

➤ It is vital that women UNDERSTAND what (the hell) is going on in their bodies (and brains) & why they feel the way they do during the changes their bodies are going through.

➤ It is crucial that women get the SUPPORT they need and learn the TOOLS that can help them manage & cope with the changes.

➤ It is imperative that women LEARN how to embrace this new phase in their lives with reverence but without fear, distress or misery.

Are you with me?

(I sure hope you are).

I’m working on a 2-week intensive program to start changing things.
Keep an eye out for more details that are coming soon.


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