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Efrat (Aoife) Kahanov

Wired To Connect ⚡

Published on 11th Jan 2021 at 14:45 by Efrat (Aoife) Kahanov

Hi Everyone,

Second week of January 2021.
It almost sounds like the beginning of a diary entry, doesn't it?
Well, truth be told I don't keep a diary, nor am I in the practice of journaling (which to me seems like a different word for the same thing). 
Funny how I seem to always tell you about all those practices that are within the "Wellness Industry" that I don't do (like the Cold Therapy of Wim Hoff) ... Anyways, in case you did not know, there's hard scientifically proven evidence that journaling is a very useful therapy that helps with trauma, depression, anxiety etc. If that is something that interests you - look into it - start by typing Journaling into Google and start reading (the link I gave was from Google Scholar, one of my favourite tools to start any research).
As I said, I'm not journaling per se but I do write to you every week, and plenty of writing goes beforehand to hone my message, so in a way maybe I am.

Back to the second week of January 2021.
The week started today with the added task of supporting my son through his virtual online schooling from home and a new reality of sharing my laptop with him for the zoom meetings (we have a good old fashioned desktop for the the Microsoft Team his using but no camera or microphone on it for Zoom).
This reality is changing my availability to work on-line some mornings so although I had planned to work mornings from this week, the plan has to change...

As much as my son (12.5 years old) dislikes school and is very happy not having to go, when his class zoom meeting finished he was actually in a good mood and with a spring in his step (not that he;ll admit it).
If anything, this proved to me (again) that even someone that is inherently an introvert and usually gets stressed in social situations can and does benefit from CONNECTION. Just seeing his teacher and class mates did him a world of good (even if he's not looking forward to the work).

It just so happens that Connection is exactly what I wanted to talk to you about in this week's email - serendipity at it's finest!
(disclaimer: I only learn the word "serendipity" last week and now delighted to be able to use it).

Feeling of Disconnect.

Mentioning "second week of Jan. 2021"  like I did above or, writing dates at the top of writing entries, is something we all do but nowadays I have to admit I have a sense of 'urgency' that comes with it - like I need extra reminding of 'what day it is' and in general, where I am. 

I feel like I'm at risk of existing in a weird closed bubble floating away through the space-time continuum which is not comfortable for me...
I definitely have a need to feel grounded and have some sort of a connection point of being within the multidimensional space-time continuum of my life.

One of things that makes me feel disconnected with time is the fact that it is mostly understood and referred to as linear: Time as linear continuation of 'Start-Middle-End' - and I, personally, have a great difficulty with this.

I actually struggle quite a bit with this concept of
linearcy. Somehow focusing on a single point in
time (disconnected from the linear progression),
helps me.

My own understanding - the way I think and experience the world (and people in it), is intrinsically multidimensional which is why, 
at times, I get  bit lost (or a lot lost) with
linear things (like language).

By the way, my multidimensional intrinsic understanding is one of the many reasons I'm a movement educator, Pilates teacher and connected to dance from a very early age  - movement is multi-dimensional and my ability to understand it deep within myself (where language doesn't exist) is what instantly drew me into this world.

Our bodies are also multi-dimensional. Bring our brain, mind and awareness into the forefront too - and yeah, you find yourself in a very complex continuum that maybe expands even the mathematical Space-Time and right into Quantum physics.
Welcome to my world and the place I teach from 💞!

Connection goes right into the deepest layer of our human experience.

As humans, we are a social & connection driven species and our NEED TO CONNECT is at the heart of our being.
The need to connect is embedded and wired into our physiology on a biological-emotional level, because without it we will not survive!
Our need to connect is a built-in survival neuromechanism.

Simplifying the complexity I talked about above, the connections can be divided into 3 "categories":


❋ Connection to Self

❋ Connection to Others

❋ Connection to Context


I strongly believe that all three are important for our well-being as human beings and all those connections influence each other. They cannot be put in any specific order or hierarchy but they all relate to our own well-being at the centre. 

It's the 'Connection to Self' that my work and teaching stems from and why I always refer to Pilates and movement as "ME-TIME". With that, teaching 1-on-1 have has the 'Connection to Others' and of course, taking a group classes is being part of a community in many ways. For me, the 'Connection to Context' has Connection to Self & Others is the bigger picture (like a global pandemic).

Back to our need for connection.
Our body and our mind (conscious & unconscious) will do everything possible to meet the need to connect in order to survive. Finding those connections is what makes us feel SAFE and until those intertwined connections are present, we are in pain.
The pain can be physical, emotional or mental.
That pain can stay at the background in the form of tension or make itself known by discomfort or "scream" with such severity that we cannot move or get out of bed.

Our need to connect is at the deep layer of our neurophysiological existence that connects our physical self to our conscious AND unconscious brain - Connection to Self.

Connection to Self is a
connection of our
conscious & unconscious
BRAIN via our

Last week I ran a 2-day online workshop focusing on the BREATH as a doorway and foundation for movement and neurophysiological connection "Find Your Energy".
The workshop went deeper into the Body-Brain connection to help bridge the gap between our physical-self and our thinking/feeling-self - to find a place where the two can integrate. Bridging the gap between our body and our sense of self is what enable us move forward - literally and figuratively. It's that ability to move forward with relative ease (rather than feeling we have to pull ourselves by the ears) which I call Energy & Power.

If you've missed the live workshops, please know I've just uploaded the recording of day 1 to a Facebook Group I opened for us: Pilates Connect©.
It would be wonderful to have you join!
This group is there for you and me to come together and create a supportive community where we share information & ideas, ask questions, ask for help (!), have discussions AND have a few laughs as well :)  I look forward to seeing you there!

Lastly, if you're interested in some Private 1-on-1 with me, or want a Duet (2-on-1) with a friend or family member all those are now available to book as online sessions (via Zoom) through the Booking System.

I'm working on some more free training and workshops for you so stay tuned for news and updates.

For now, I hope to see you virtually on way or another and remember my email inbox is always open!

Much love, Aoifeღ

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