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Group Classes Prices

As consistency is key to transform your body, create better movement patterns and rehabilitate injuries we run our Pilates Group Classes run in blocks of predetermined number of weeks (set courses)

Booking is essential! €20 deposit is required to secure a space in any Group Pilates Course. Commit to one Course or go for our money saving Packages.

*Timetable is subject to change according to booking and demand. Instructors may be substituted.


Single Mat Class (60 min)


8-wks Mat Course >> 1 x (60min) Mat class per week


Single Equipment Class (Reformer/Tower 60 min.)


8-wks Equipment Course >> 1 x Reformer/Tower class per week


Active Aging >> Whole-Body Mobility for the over 65’s (45min)


8-wks Post Natal Course >> 1 Reformer/Tower class per week


4-wks Pre-Natal Course


1 Mat + 1 Equipment Pkg >> 1 Mat + 1 Equip Classes per week, 8-wks Term


2 X Equipment Pkg >> 2 x Reformer/Tower classes per week, 8-wks Term



1 on 1 Pilates

Private Sessions
Assessment & Consultation Session
Posture & Movement Assessment                    
50 min €60
Single Private Session
1-on-1 Session
50 min €60
Single Duet Session
2-on-1 Session
50 min  €90 
Private Packages
3 Privates Package
3 x private 1-on-1 sessions                   
3 x 50 min €170
5 Privates Package
5 x private 1-on-1 sessions                  
5 x 50 min €270
10 Private Package
10 x private 1-on-1 sessions                 
10 x 50 min €510
5 Duet Package
5 x Duets 2-on-1 sessions               
5 x 50 min €425
10 Duet Package
10 x Duets 2-on-1 sessions               
10 x 50 min €800

* By purchasing and booking sessions with Pilates Studio Kildare you are agreeing to all our terms and conditions.
* Check out our Studio Policies.

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What clients say:

"I can feel the benefit immediately of working all areas of my body & feel much more relaxed."

"I always feel better no matter how tired I am starting the class."

"I feel great after class! Its clean , tidy and relaxing. Everything is 100%. Keep up the excellent work thanks!"

Small Groups of Only 6 Participants!

More Individual Attention

Using the best Pilates equipment:

Gratz Pilates Mats
Longer and padded mats including Foot-Straps and Hand-Dowels.

Pilates Allegro® Reformers
Smooth and quiet ride with an extra-wide, padded footbar. Our Allegros can adjust to any body size and fitness level.

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Private Sessions & Physical Assessments By Appointment Only.

Please contact reception for booking date/time availabilities

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"Just doing the exercises will prove of tremendous benefit... Doing them with careful deliberation and thoroughness will gain for you that EXTRA SOMETHING you are searching for."

Joseph H. Pilates

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