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Private Pilates Sessions

Private Sessions
Assessment & Consultation Session
Posture, Alignment & Movement Assessment                    
50 min €80
Single Private 1-on-1 Session 50 min €85
Single Duet 2-on-1 Session 50 min €55
Private Packages
3 Privates Package*
3 x private 1-on-1 sessions (One session per week)                   
3 x 50min €245
5 Privates Package*
5 x private 1-on-1 sessions (One session per week)                 
5 x 50min €400
10 Privates Package**
10 x private 1-on-1 sessions (minimum of two session per week)             
10 x 50min €700
  • Private Pilates Packages MUST be paid in advance. A single session fee will be applied otherwise.
    ** 10 Package only available for commentment of 2 x Privates per week.

* By purchasing and booking sessions with Pilates Studio Kildare you are agreeing to all our terms and conditions. Check out our Studio Policies.

"Just doing the exercises will prove of tremendous benefit... Doing them with careful deliberation and thoroughness will gain for you that EXTRA SOMETHING you are searching for."

Joseph H. Pilates

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