This new 10 week online PilatesConnect© course will help you connect, move and learn how to feel better in your body, in yourself and be able to heal, overcome and continue to stay active as you're going through life.

It is designed to teach you how to move away from stiffness, aches, pain, low energy and brain fog into feeling strong, flexible, clear-headed and able.

What's included?

Course Material
Weekly Video & Audio content for self practice and deeper learning with progressions and self-assessments.

Weekly Group Sessions
Weekly Group Class/Session via Zoom bringing week's content together followed by discussion and Q&A. Recording will be provided.

Private Facebook Group
For more social interaction with other course participants and like minded people. Some banter, extra support and extra tips.

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About Our Classes

Pilates Classes delivered in the most comprehensive, detailed and personal way!

Enjoy all the benefits of being with others and still get all the individual attention that your specific body needs.
With a variety of Pilates equipment and class sizes, you can find a class that suits you and start changing the conversation you have with your body.

We run most of our Classes as Courses with a predetermined number of weeks. If you really want to feel and see the benefits of Pilates, if you are really looking to create a change in your body then you have to commit and consistently show up.

In taking a course you progress week-by-week. You build on previous classes. Your body adapts. You improve your posture, balance, mobility and start to feel better.


"Patience and Persistance are the vital qualities in the ultimate successful accomplishment of any worthwhile endeavor."

—Joseph H. Pilates


Are You New To Pilates?

If you are new to Pilates you need to start at Foundation level.

In our Foundation level classes, you will learn the principles of the Pilates system and how they apply to your body and the equipment you work with.

You will also familiarise yourself with the terminology and practice the fundamental moves, the building blocks of how your body moves through the beginner's routines.

You are welcome to stay at the Foundation level until you feel confident to enter the next level.

Once you have your foundations built in your body our classes progress to Levels 1 to 3.

Have a chat with our instructors about which level suits you and advise of how to move forward.


Class Size & Pilates Apparatus

The Pilates Method is a comprehensive and progressive system of Interconnected movements, practiced across various pieces of apparatus. Our classes differ in size and the apparatus used.

Most class types have a Foundation level to start with and continue into levels 1-3.


Chair Classes

Classes include Pilates Matwork with the Chair to facilitate movement and muscle activation. Smaller Pilates props will be incorporated into the classes from time to time.
Intimate, hour long classes, available for different levels of experience.





Tower with Mat Classes
(Social distancing with max 4 participants) 

A Mat station with a vertical Tower, the array of springs and bars attached provide resistance & support for your body through the movements.
Classes use the Mat station and incorporate the unique attachments on the Tower to teach you the pilates movements & sequencing while giving your body the assistance & resistance from the forces of spring or gravity of your own body weight on a high mat.

The flow of the Tower-Mat sequence routine leaves you feeling stretched, worked, tall and better aligned in your body.



Reformer Classes with Tower/Mat elements
(Social distancing with max 4 participants)

A bed like frame with moveable carriage & pulley system, the Reformer gives you spring-based resistance that supports and challenges your body.
Our unique classes use the Reformer as the main training equipment and incorporate either Mat or Tower elements to enhance movement ability and combine more of the cross training the Pilates system can provide.

From the Reformer footwork through core, arm and full body stretches - including standing Mat work and/or Tower - classes will leave you lengthened, worked & stretched from the tip of your toes to the top of your head with better control and alignment throughout your body.



Mat Classes with Props & Towel Work
(Social distancing with max 5 participants)

Our Mat classes are done either on specialised Pilates Mats featuring a Foot-Strap and Hand Dowels or thick Mats to support your body and protect your spine.
Using your own body weight against gravity you work to align, lengthen and strengthen your body for better mobility and movement, different props and/or a towel for a full activation and assistance of postural muscles and increase flexibility.

A whole body workout that allows you with simple but effective moves to carry your body in a way that supports you and allows you to be strong and tall.



Pre/Post Natal Pilates
(Social distancing with max 4 participants)

Non-aerobic & gentle Pilates is perfectly suited to help with pregnancy, prepare for labour and assist in recovery after childbirth. Focusing on physical strength & alignment, Pre/Post Natal classes are designed to accommodate musculoskeletal changes of pregnancy and postpartum.

Taught by a Pre/Post Natal Pilates Specialists.

Personal, 50-minute long classes, incorporating Reformer, Tower and Mat.

GP/Midwife consent required before attending classes. Limited to 6 women.

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Choosing The Class That’s Right For You

Are you new to Pilates?
If you are completely new to Pilates your starting point is Foundation. If you’re coming back to Pilates after a break, Foundation is you where you start again to re-establish those basic fundamentals in your body.

Have you used Pilates equipment before?
In general, if you’ve never used Pilates equipment, it’s best to start with a Foundation course for that particular apparatus. Learn the equipment and how to use it safely and effectively with the basics first. Consult with our staff if you’re not sure level is suitable for you.

Joseph Pilates created many pieces of equipment to be used with his method; each has a different way to resistance-assistance while moving your body. Historically, in Pilates’ own studio in NYC, the bulk of the work was done on the Reformer and for most people this is a good place to start.

Note we have Foundation up to Levels 3 classes for all of our equipment.
You can start your Pilates journey anywhere that tickles your fancy and you feel
comfortable with. Read the class description and see what speaks to you the most.



Book An Assessment & Consultation Session

An assessment is recommended if you aren’t sure where to start your Pilates journey and/or if you have any injuries and/or medical issues that require specific consideration.

Assessment Sessions are 45 min long with one of our Pilates professional Instructors. We will chat & work with you to determine the best way for you to get moving in the way that is right for you!

For more details about Assessments & consultations our check our Private Pilates info.

"Contrology [Pilates] is designed to give you suppleness, natural grace, and skill that will be unmistakably reflected in the way you walk, in the way you play, and in the way you work.

Joseph. H. Pilates

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