Autumn Term

5 week Pilates Courses
Starting September 20th 2021

Courses are in three categories:

❋ Beginners 5-week Pilates Courses:
For total beginners with no or little experience in Pilates and those who are coming back to Pilates after a long break (more than what the pandemic had caused).

❋ Mixed Level 5-week Pilates Courses:
For those who have experience in Pilates Mat and Reformer work and continuing or coming back after "Covid Break" their training and practice.

❋ Pre-Natal 5-week Pilates Course:
Suitable from 12 weeks gestation - GP/Midwife consent required.
No previous experience required.

5 week course price - €170

Monday 10:30am Mixed Level Sept 20th Aoife
Monday 7:00pm Foundation Level Sept 20th Aoife
Wednesday 6:00pm Foundation Level Sept 22nd Aoife
Wednesday 6:00pm Mixed Level Sept 22nd  
Wednesday 7:00pm Mixed Level Sept 22nd Aoife
Thursday 11:00am Mixed Level Sept 23rd Aoife
Thursday 6:30pm Pre-Natal Sept 23rd Aoife
Thursday 7:30pm Mixed Level Sept 23rd Aoife
Friday 10:00am Foundation Level Sept 24th Aoife
Friday 11:30am Mixed Level Sept 24th Aoife


"Were man to devote as much time and energy to himself as he has devoted to that which man has produced, what astounding and unbelievable progress would be made..."

Joseph H. Pilates

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