Pilates Programs Starting January – February 2023

[Subject to change according to bookings and demand]

Monday 6:00pm L1/2 Course (2022 Continued) --- Jan 23rd
  Beginners Comprehensive L1 - 7wks Feb 13th March 27th
Monday 7:30pm Beginners Course (2022 Continued) --- Jan 16th
  Comprehensive L1/2 - 8wks Feb 13th March 27th
Tuesday 6:00pm L2 Course (2022 Continued) --- Feb 7th
  Comprehensive L2 - 6wks Feb 21st March 28th
Tuesday 7:00pm Pre-Natal Pilates - 6wks Jan 24th Feb 28th
Tuesday 7:15pm Comprehensive L1/2 - 6wks Feb 21st March 28th
Wednesday 6:00pm L2 Course (2022 Continued) --- Jan 25th
  Comprehensive L2/3 - 8wks Feb 1st March 29th
Monday 11:00am Comprehensive L2 - 7wks Feb 13th March 23rd
Thursday 6:00pm L1/2 -(2022 Continued) --- Jan 26th
  Comprehensive L2 - 8wks Feb 2nd March 30th
Thursday 7:15pm L1/2 (2022 Continued) --- Jan 26th
  Beginners Comprehensive L1 - 7wks
Feb 9th March 30th
Thursday 8:30pm L1 Course (2022 Continued) --- Jan 26th
  Comprehensive L1/2 - 8wks Feb 2nd March 30th


  • Weekly classes 60min.
  • Very small intimate groups (4-5 participants).


❉ Beginners (L1)

Designed for anyone with no, or little experience in Pilates (no major injuries/pain). This level is also a great option if you are coming back to Pilates after a long break - allowing you to get back into movement and reconnect with the basics.

❉ Beyond Basics (L1/2)

This is our Improvers level and requires minimum of 2 months experience with Reformer/Tower to continue and progress forward.

❉ Intermediate (L2):

This level requires a minimum of 4 months experience with Reformer/Tower & Matwork.

If you're not sure what Level suits you best just contact us and we'll be happy to help 😊



No where else can you find a Pilates course that take you through the full range of the 3 main Pilates apparatus: REFORMER, TOWER and MATWORK to create a comprehensive, all inclusive & progressive practice of movement that fits your needs, respects your uniqueness and teaches you to move with ease and confidence.

Our Comprehensive courses create a unified understanding and movement practice utilising the big equipment: TOWER/MAT & REFORMERS and the smaller Pilates Props like Pilates-Rings (Magic Circle), Soft Balls, Massage Balls, Towels, Stretch Banks  & Foam Rollers.



These courses focus on REFORMER & MAT exploring how moving with the resistance-based Reformer informs our body how to move better with integrity, ease & control without spring support - on the Mat and in your daily life.

Exploring Pilates REFORMER & MAT.

The Reformer's SPRING RESISTANCE both SUPPORT & CHALLENGE the body. Discover how your body LEARNS BETTER ALIGNMENT that increases your STABILITY & MOBILITY to move on your-own on the mat.


"Were man to devote as much time and energy to himself as he has devoted to that which man has produced, what astounding and unbelievable progress would be made..."

Joseph H. Pilates

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