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Pilates Studio Kildare is a local, independently owned Pilates Studio that opened in 2012 at the heart of Kildare Town, Co. Kildare.

We practice Pilates movement and philosophy every day and believe Pilates has everything you need, and more, to make you feel better in your body!

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🍂 10-week Pilates Courses Oct-Dec 2020

Published on 25th Sep 2020 at 14:29 by Efrat (Aoife) Kahanov

Hello Hello!
We know many of you have been waiting for courses to start - so here's all the info about the NEW 10-Week Courses starting the first week of October!

I strongly believe that we need to bring things into our lives that de-stress us and help us cope better with clarity.
I also believe that we need to bring those things into our lives in a consistent way, routinely, so that we keep those stress level down and not wait until we're at the end of our ropes so to speak.

Not surprisingly, I think that stress has a very much physical manifestation in our bodies, so finding a physical way to release that stress, reduce those cortisol levels running through our system and calm our whole nervous system on a continuous basis will make us stronger, more resilient will help our immune system work better for us.

Because of all that we're going for the long haul this time with our courses!

10 weeks ( with the midterm break) that actually bring us right to mid December and the end of this weird year.

A few things you need to know:

🍂 Booking is absolutely essential!

This was always the case with our courses, but nowadays when we have to be extra careful of numbers of people coming in and the limited spaces available this is even more crucial than before!

🍂 Course booking applies to all classes in a course.

Courses are 10 weeks long with a mid-term break between Oct 26th to 31st. This is a commitment that will bring us right up to mid Dec (not mentioning the C word....).
It is a big commitment, BUT it will also bring your focus back into taking care of yourself and not getting lost with everything else going on around.

10-Weeks is our shout out to the universe that we'll keep on going! 

The world around us is in a Start-Stop kind of state, but we'll stand up tall and strong despite everything that tries to stop us.

Please know, in case we will be moved to a stage 3 of 'Living with the virus', there's a well thought through Plan B in the drawer BUT know this: 

No matter what, we're making this commitment with you and we're going to stick with you no matter what.

🍂 Investment in Yourself.

10-Weeks commitment is also an investment in yourself: mentally, physically, time wise and money wise. We understand that looking at a price can be scary so I'll ask you to remember this is over two months and per-class with the so much added value of the NEW methodology of of our classes you'll be gaining so much both in the your body (physically & mentally) AND in the way you'll be reaping the benefits over a longer period of time right to the end of this weird year and beyond.

[We are more than willing to ease the burden of up-front payment and 2 installments of payment Oct & Nov].

Click on the image below to see our courses on the booking system:

Please note Midterm Break - NO CLASSES Oct. 26th - 31st.

* Schedule is subject to change according to booking and demand. Instructors may be substituted.

Booking details:

  • Credit/debit card details and €35 deposit required at booking.
  • Deposits are non-refundable & non-transferable unless cancellation notice is given at least 48 hours before course start.
    50% of fee is payable unless 48 hours cancellation given.
  • Balance payment can be done with 2 equal installments (Oct. and Nov 2020) with first installment at first class.

Oct-Dec Courses 2020

More of what Pilates offers you, both physically & mentally incorporating more equipment/props.

Fully feel, in yourself, ALL that Pilates has to offer, ALL the benefits of moving in different direction with different forces Becoming Strong, Flexible, Resilient, Calm & In Control.

Class/Course has a MAIN APPARATUS - Mat, Tower or Reformer - WITH another piece of equipment/prop.

Classes combine and incorporate (through the 10-week run) different equipment and/or props which help your body go deeper, find more connection, give you more options of movement and keep your brain focused and alert.

The idea behind all the different equipment/props in Pilates comes from the concept that there's "more than one way" to do something or achieve something. If something is challenging on one piece of apparatus, another piece can help you along the way to develop the strength and/or flexibility you need to get the 'work' done.
It challenges the preconception and misconceptions of "can/cannot do" and gives you, your body, your mind more options to deal with a specific exercise, move or other challenges you might encounter.

Read more about our classes HERE

We now have our classes pulled together into a 10-week program of:

 | Mat with Props&Towel | Reformer with Tower | Tower with Mat | Reformer with Mat | 

We'd love to hear from you and answer any questions you might have.
Get in touch.

Much love, Aoifeღ

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