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GETTING STARTED (is not easy) - New October Courses

Published on 6th Oct 2022 at 15:40 by Efrat (Aoife) Kahanov

Getting Started (is not easy...)
New October Courses

I ran across an article at the beginning of this week about one women’s struggles and how she finally got to start with exercising.
(I’ll link the article at the end).

It was an interesting read 😊.

This woman, who is actually a "habit formation" coach (whatever that means 🤔), was struggling with getting back into running - something she really wanted to embrace at the start of the pandemic.

In this article/video TED talky thingy she addressed *one aspect* of what was stopping her from getting back into running which she describes as a "spectacular failure" as all her meticulous planning and preparations led to quitting after only a few weeks...

She says:

“I like being good at things, and I quit exercising because I wasn’t willing to be bad at it.”

And her conclusion was that:

"Our ability to follow through on our intentions depends on our willingness to be bad at our desired behavior [activity]"

I can definitely see her point.

In her case about running, she needed to be OK being bad at running...
Pretty much stands to reason - of course you can not *get back* to running and expect yourself to be a good runner straight off the bat 🙃.

What she decided then to do is set a small, “less ambitious” goal for herself: run for just 1 minute everyday.

This, seemed to have worked for her.

It was easier for her to commit to that 1 minute a day – and found that a lot of the times that 1 minute commitment actually got to her run for more than that and after a while she was already in the habitual zone, a routine established...

(well actually there are more reasons to WHY once she started with 1 minute running she could and did continue to running more, but I won't get into that now - just say that once the body starts MOVING a lot of things change in us both physically & mentally 😃).

What I WILL say here is:


In the space between "deciding" & "doing" AND
the space between "doing" &"continuing with it" - - -

There's a lot more than just getting into the "right" a state of mind
(other known as “mindset” nowadays).

There's a lot more to understand and resolve than just convincing your ego to let go of a big goal and keep going with the much less ambitious, smaller task, like deciding to run for 1 minute a day!

So let's be honest for a moment:

At times the self talk “come on, just 1 minute, you can do this” is just as a challenging as “come-on, just 15 minutes and you’re done”.


🍁 We should be “exercising” and need to adopt a more active life.

🍁 We KNOW that the sedentary life style of the 21st century is not good for us.

🍁 We KNOW moving our body is beneficial to our physical and emotional health.


🍂 Despite knowing that exercising would cut your risk of heart disease in half.

🍂 Despite knowing that exercise radically reduces the probability you’ll get cancer or diabetes...

🍂 Despite knowing exercises is at least as effective as prescription medication when it comes to reducing depression and anxiety.

🍂 Despite knowing it will improve your memory and learning, and that it makes our brains more efficient and more powerful....

DESPITE all that, and with all our beautiful plans we STILL DON’T actually get started OR we start but find it really hard to stick with it, GIVE UP & STOP 😪


Our ability to follow through on our intentions to get into a new habit like exercise
(or to change our behavior in any way)



Our motivation and ability to follow through has very little to do with the depth of our convictions, our understanding of the benefits or even the strength of our willpower - - -


WHEN I SAY *FEEL* I mean both 'meaning' of the word:

The emotional conscious component of strong feeling deriving from one's circumstances, mood, or relationships with others like happiness, sadness, anger, fear etc. (about 5% of our brain)


The instinctive or "intuitive" feeling distinguished from reasoning or knowledge i.e. deriving from the unconscious (the rest of 95% of our brain) which relies on sensory input & the BODY's communication with the brain (via the autonomic nervous system)

What that means is that we are conscious of only about 5% of our cognitive activity, and so most of our decisions, actions, emotions, and behavior depends on the 95% of brain activity that goes beyond our conscious awareness.

You know yourself

When you're happy and feeling good in yourself (physically and emotionally) finding the motivation to do things is easy-peasy, but it's when we're struggling (and sometimes we don't understand why) we tend to blame ourselves ("I'm lazy", I have no willpower" etc.).

We're trying to THINK our way out and forgetting there's a whole other 95% of our brain which is connected to your BODY!


The key is to learn and increase our awareness (not to be confused with nowadays 'mindfulness) and - - -


Instead of running around like headless chicken - what if we actually take the time to feel relaxed & focused ?🙏

Instead of toning our muscles or burning calories - what if we supported our moods and regulate our nervous system? 👌

It's much better this way because, spoiler alert 

when you focus on moving to support your human experience throughout the day, you'll get the physical benefits too (and often more of it!) 🤗

We need the 5% to get together with 95% to create the change you need and crave.

If any of this rings true for you.

If you're ready to make the shift.

If you're willing to take the first step towards moving your body to SUPPORT YOURSELF (the 5% and the 95%) the registration for the upcoming October courses is now OPEN.

We will purposefully, skillfully and intentionally help and support 100% of YOU!

Maybe now is the time for you to take the first step? If so, we’re here for you. If not, we'll be here when you're ready 😏.


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