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🍁 Into Autumn - Setting Intentions

Published on 7th Sep 2020 at 11:33 by Efrat (Aoife) Kahanov

Here we are ...
Out of lockdown, schools reopened and it's time to get on with things carefully but intentionally.

I was reminded this week of an email I started writing to you back in June that never saw the light of day and seems relevant to now, as it has to do with TIME, CARE & INTENTIONS, so here it is below:

" It is the time you've wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important."
- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince


I'm not sure how many of you have read "The Little Prince" but it is one of my favourite books. I liked it as a child and I love it as an adult.
I read it in three languages: Hebrew, English and then in the original language, French.

Translations are funny things.
They have the potential to change meaning or perspectives.
Reading the same sentence in three languages can mess with your head a bit, so I always try to go back to the original language it was written in.

“C'est le temps que tu a perdu pour
ta rose qui fait ta rose si importante.”
In my Hebrew and English speaking head
the translation of "Temps que tu a perdu" is "Time that you have lost". 

'Time LOST" is so very different than the
offical English translation of "Time you have WASTED".

In search of the meaning that was originally intended I called Anne. 
Anne, for those of you who don't know, is a bilingual (English/French) Canadian who, like me, gets the importance of 'intentions' because it's so much at the core of our Pilates teaching in the studio. Who better to ask 😊.

Turned out Anne never actually read The Little Prince in English or in French, but at first agreed that 'perdu' is 'lost'. Then she thought some more and could see how sometimes it can actually mean 'waste'. At the end there was that agreement that it depends on the context and intention of the sentence. which is kinda my point.
By the way, things get even more 'complicated' if you look at the Hebrew translation that would literally mean "Time DEDICATED" and a part of me wishes I knew how this was translated in Spanish, Italian etc., not to mention how non western culture like Japan would have translated this.

I decided to bring back these June thoughts now because it feels so relevant. How you perceive the past 6 months of our bizarre existence, how you describe the time that has passed and how you want to continue from this point in time is now more relevant than ever.

When it comes to the studio, the plan for the rest of September is to give everyone a chance to come back into more movement, get the strength and flexibility back in a safe way and then establish a routine by starting courses in October.

We will be adding more Duet Classes, start small
Group Classes (4-5 participants) in the coming
weeks AND - ANNE will be coming to teach in the
studio too!!!

If all goes well and once everyone is back into the
rhythm of school, work routines we'll be starting
10 week courses the week of OCTOBER 5th.

So keep an eye on the schedule and check the booking system to sign up for a class and keep an eye out for the news about October courses.



The Cervical Spine - Neck
Tuesday, Sept. 8th @ 6:00PM

The last of our GOT YOUR BACK masterclasses in the series is all about the CERVICAL SPINE which is the upper most region of the vertebral column. Extending between the the thoracic vertebrae and cranium starting at C7 going up to C1 and cranium.

As we're going UP the spine we'll be looking at the CERVICOTHORACIC junction (C7-T1/2), the mid-cervical region (C3-6) and the CRANIOVERTEBRAL region with the uniquely named Axis (C2) and Atlas (C1) connecting into our skull.

We will Understand the structure, function, muscular and neurological connections as well as the movements of this part of our spine (much more mobile than the other spinal regions) and we will also look and understand how this part is affected and relates to the rest of our backs - Thoracic, Lumbar & Plevic.


 -    Booking requires credit/debit card details but there's NO CHARGE at booking.
 -    Strict 24 hours cancellation policy. Full fees are payable unless 24 hours prior notice is given.

So that's it for this week.
Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you in the studio
Much love,
Aoife ღ 

SPECIAL OFFERS  till the end of Sept. 2020:

 -    1-on-1 (50min): €70 once off OR, make it part of a 3 x Privates package for €205.
 -    Duet Classes (50min): €45 per person.
 -    Class-Credit: can be used for any Duet and Privates.
 -    For info and details about credit with the studio please Contact Deirdre.

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