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Men Pilates Courses

Published on 12th Jun 2019 at 09:30 by Efrat (Aoife) Kahanov

In case you didn't know: Father’s Day is Sunday, June 16th.

Also, new Pilates for Men courses are starting in the studio Thursday June 13th & Monday June 17th. (All details below if you want to scoll down.)

Do those two facts have anything in common?
(Should they be tied in together?)

Not necessarily.

Pilates for Men as a Father’s Day gift can be a great idea for some dads but not such a great idea for others.

Although “Pilates is for everybody” as a gift, like any gift, pilates can be perfect for one dad or completely not relevant to another dad.

Pilates classes would have been a great gift for my dad.
On the other hand, Pilates classes for my husband (who is also a dad) is not such a great gift.

My dad was always active (cycling, swimming, hiking) and he was the kind of dad that took a keen interest in whatever his kids were into.

When I was a dancer he immersed himself in the dance world. When I became a Pilates teacher he started taking Pilates classes.

Pilates for him would have been a great gift.

My husband has no real interest in Pilates. He’s into other things that make him happy.

Do I think Pilates would be good for him?
Yes, I believe he’ll benefit from it.

Is Pilates a good gift for him?

No, because it is simply not his thing.

[To be perfectly honest, he did come to a yoga class,
once, many moons ago when we were dating. He fell asleep in that class and that was it for him.]

Do you know a Dad that might love the gift of Pilates? If so, contact us at the studio for a Gift Voucher!

Below are details & booking links for our 

Pilates for Men Courses.

  • If you’re interested you can BOOK NOW and secure a spot.
  • If you know of a man that might be interested please forward this email. {Thank you}
  • If you’re thinking this is a great idea for a Father’s Day gift – it might be - so contact us at the studio for a Gift Voucher.

Men Pilates Reformer

Thursdays @ 8:30pm

Start June 13th

The Pilates Reformer gives you spring-based resistance that both supports & challenges your body for a whole-body workout.

As the Reformer guides you to keep form & alignment your movement becomes corrective, efficient.


Men Pilates Mat

Mondays @ 8:30pm

Start June 17th

Our Gratz™ Pilates Mats (Extra Long, Extra Padded with Foot-Strap & Hand-Dowels) help you move your body against gravity keeping your alignment and building length & strength for better mobility and stability in your core.


If you have any questions regarding our Men Pilates courses or want any more information please contact us by replying the email or calling Studio Reception: 045-527903

All the best from Aoife
& the Pilates Studio Kildare Team


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