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We practice Pilates movement and philosophy every day and believe Pilates has everything you need, and more, to make you feel better in your body!

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MOVE MORE OF YOURSELF - Nov-Dec Programs Starting

Published on 28th Oct 2022 at 11:18 by Efrat (Aoife) Kahanov

Starting New 6-week Programs | Nov-Dec 2022

The clocks are going back this coming weekend.
Days are getting shorter, colder (and wetter) and the long dark evening are settling in...

If anything it's important that we keep moving ourselves during the coming winter month - and when we do, WE NEED TO MOVE AS MUCH OF OURSELVES AS POSSIBLE!

To keep ourselves STRONG, HEALTHY, FLEXIBLE the variety of movement is important and as we naturally tend to do less in the winter month, being strategic about the physical activity we do is key.

Our November-December 6-week Pilates programs are designed exactly for that:

Variety of Movement - taking your body to all possible movement directions (with and without resistance) to move ALL OF YOU and keeping your entire body away from tension, stress & stiffness for optimal function.

Variety of Resistance - using movement against the springs of the Pilates equipment (Reformer/Tower) AND just your-own body weight against gravity allows us to keep our body's ability to adapt to the different forces.

So here's our heartfelt invitation for you to join us in our 6-week programs of Nov-Dec 2022:

We are starting after the mid-term break

(the week starting November 7th.)

Programs finishing Dec. 15th

(plenty of time for all the last min preparations of the festive season).

Weekly classes of 60min

(packed with variety of movement and resistance to keep you flexible, mobile and pain free).

Small intimate groups

(making sure your get more individual attention, making sure you're getting the most out of your time by addressing your individual body and needs)

The two types of programs:

Our signature unique course that take you through the FULL RANGE of the 3 main Pilates apparatus: REFORMER, TOWER and MATWORK to create a comprehensive, all inclusive & progressive practice of movement.


REFORMER into MATPilates Reformer into Mat
Exploring Pilates REFORMER & MAT.
Moving on the REFORMER informs your movement on the MAT (and vice versa) and together they inform your body how to move better with greater ease.

One of the main differences between Comprehensive and Reformer into Mat is the Tower unit.

If you've done Reformer & Mat before you will have no problems adapting to the Tower that has elements of both:

  • A Mat station and
  • Leg springs/arm springs used in a very similar way of the Reformer's pulleys/straps.

[If you want to read more about the Tower Unit you can read more HERE]

What Level Should I book into?

Our programs run in progressive levels:

❉ Beginners (L1):

Designed for anyone with no, or little experience in Pilates (no major injuries/pain). This level is also a great option if you are coming back to Pilates after a long break - allowing you to get back into movement and reconnect with the basics.

❉ Beyond Basics (L1/2):

This is our Improvers level and requires minimum of 2 months experience with Reformer/Tower to continue and progress forward.

❉ Intermediate (L2):

This level requires a minimum of 4 months experience with Reformer/Tower & Matwork.


November - December Timetable

[subject to change according to booking and demand]
Click image to Download

Nov-Dec Timetable

If you have ANY questions or concerns contact us and let us know - we'd be delighted to help!


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