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Release | Reconnect | Reset

Published on 15th Feb 2021 at 15:41 by Efrat (Aoife) Kahanov

A FREE Movement class
Thu | 18th Feb | 7:00pm

It's a new week.
I don't know about you, but in my house it's a happier week with my son on midterm - no school work (yay for him and quite frankly for me too).

My son doesn't like school, and he dislikes this remote learning even more.

This past week, what kept him going is knowing that he's going to get a break so, this week’s Thursday Training is about "MOTIVATION" and how /where to find it.

Lack of motivation does seem to come up a lot, doesn't it?

Motivation basically means having a drive to DO things.
Some would say motivation is what gets you up in the morning, keeps you on track to achieve your goals and in with this in mind, you can look at fear - what would happen if you don't take action - as a great motivator, but somehow, I seriously doubt any of us are looking to add more fear into our lives...

The thing with motivation is that it does require willingness to maintain effort consistently and
that is where the real challenge presents itself.
Motivation is when when the task at hand fuels energy back to into us and not just takes it away
making us feel exhausted...


Our human brain that has this amazing thing
called language gives us an awe inspiring ability
and ideas (philosophical existentialism, if you like).

It just so happens that with this ability comes a
DISCONNECT from the PHYSICAL reality of
our existence.

And I think we forget that the WHY has a simpler

For you to be able to feel good, you first and
foremost need to FEEL!
Physically feel with your senses and become
aware of yourself, not outside your perception but in it. It's IN that connection of body-mind, in the bio-chemical-neurological pathways of body-brain that MOTIVATION resides and the WELL-BEING feeling can be found.

So what I'm asking you now is to NOT GIVE UP.
Know that the motivation you're looking for is IN YOU already as part of your very being. You already want to live, survive and thrive.
Know there is a way to re-connect back into it and that I'm here to help.

This week, for the Feb. Thursdays Training I'd like to invite to a simple session to RECONNECT.
Making a commitment to yourself and setting aside an hour this Thursday for yourself to an
activity that is aimed to help you feel better and find the inert motivation you have in your
body CAN help!

A FREE movement class to help you release the tension in your nervous system where your
brain and body get stuck with over stimulation (and over thinking!) and reconnect back in your
body to reset your system and feel good in your body and in yourself.
Because when we reconnect to our body we find the energy and motivation in ourselves.

THU | 18TH FEB | 7:00PM
Online via Zoom

The sunshine is out now and I hope this makes you feel better (I know I do).
Hope to see you online Thursday

Much love, Aoifeღ


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