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Pilates Studio Kildare is a local, independently owned Pilates Studio that opened in 2012 at the heart of Kildare Town, Co. Kildare.

We practice Pilates movement and philosophy every day and believe Pilates has everything you need, and more, to make you feel better in your body!

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🍂 Starting Autumn Term In The Studio

Published on 10th Sep 2021 at 14:52 by Efrat (Aoife) Kahanov

Hi there!
September is here and with it came the news about easing of Covid-19 restrictions in the next couple of months.

During this summer things seem to have pretty much settled in the studio with those who decided not to wait and get started with what is/was available. It was so great to work in-person again (which for sure plays to my strength as teacher and educator) and be able to provide meaningful and really beneficial experience for those who came for Private sessions or the little bit of the "pod-of-1" Studio Training that was available. 🙂.

Opening our doors at the beginning of June felt anything but "going back to normal" - yet we embraced it with open minds and hearts. 
It was wonderful ðŸŒ¸...
Not without some its own challenges to overcome (mainly for myself), but wonderful non the less.

It also helped clarify how immensely benefiting it is to truly look at Pilates as a method, as a system to accommodate each body and how being able to use all that is at my disposal  (from equipment to education to knowledge to experience) is how the best results are accomplished.

Starting Pilates Courses.

With easing of restrictions we now allowed to
run classes from September 20th.

As consistency of training for our clients was
always one of our top priorities we'll be starting
5-week courses the week of 20th September
which will bring us to the end of October 2021.

Courses are in three categories:

❋ Beginners 5-week Pilates Courses:
For total beginners with no or little experience in Pilates and those who are coming back to Pilates after a long break (more than what the pandemic had caused).

❋ Mixed Level 5-week Pilates Courses:
For those who have experience in Pilates Mat and Reformer work and continuing or coming back after "Covid Break" their training and practice.

❋ Pre-Natal 5-week Pilates Course:
Suitable from 12 weeks gestation - GP/Midwife consent required.
No previous experience required.

About The Classes

All courses will include Mat, Tower, Reformer and at times small props to fully experience and utilise Pilates as a system.

Every body is different and the beauty of the Pilates method is its adaptability to accommodate each person.
A move that might not be available to someone on the Mat can be supported by the Tower or Reformer. Change the direction of the load with a spring at a different angle and you find more connections (and muscles) that you never felt before.

Coming back to the studio means we can use it all, learn from it all, experience it all and find new wonderful ways to move our body respecting where its at, exploring what's available and improving.

Not Sure Our Courses are for you?

If you've never done Pilates before, if you have any specific issue / injury, or if you've only done Mat Pilates classes you might be a bit apprehensive about our courses...
If this is you, we have a special Starter Package for you that includes an Assessment & Consultation Session + 1 Private session/class.

You can purchase a starter package on-line and then book your sessions at a time that suit you, or give us a call and we''ll be happy to help.

If you prefer to just book an Assessment & Consultation Session and take things from there that's not a problem either.
Just book a day/time that suits you or contact us.

If you have any questions or concerns call or text us and we'll be happy to help!

Tel: 045-527903 , Txt: 087-6674863
You can also email Deirdre at reception

Much love, Aoifeღ 

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