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đŸ’–Trusting The Journey..

Published on 14th Sep 2020 at 16:30 by Efrat (Aoife) Kahanov

Exciting News!

As I'm learning to trust the journey {even though I don't fully understand} things are starting to unfold AND I will no longer journey alone as Anne is coming back to teach in studio!!!

The journey with Anne also take us into the Kildare Town Wellness Weekend {organised by the Kildare Town Project Group} that we are really happy to take part in.

First and foremost

After a long 6 months (+ 1 day) beautiful, talented, joyful spirited Anne is coming back to teach along side me in the studio. I cannot tell you how excited and grateful I am to welcome her back.

Anne will be back in the studio Tuesday (Sept. 15th) and will be teaching Privates, Duets and some Small Group Classes which we are now bringing back in preparation for the October courses (more details about Oct. courses next week).

Some of you have been quick to see her Privates and Classes on the online booking system and already booked a session with her but, for those of who didn't now is your chance.

World Wellness Weekend 2020 is celebrated in Kildare Town this year with a mix of great wellness and health events running from 18th - 20th September around the town.

Kildare Town Wellness Weekend is organised by the Kildare Town Project Group and we are delighted they have approached us to take part in this wonderful initiative.


Friday, 18th September @ 5PM
Market Square Kildare Town

Please bring your own towel.

Pilates Studio Kildare is coming to the Square Friday, 18th September 5-6pm with the unique Standing Fletcher Pilates Tower Workout!

Join Anne & Aoife for a session of Standing Pilates with a towel to move your body, stretch and strengthen using a towel for assistance and resistance.

Originally developed to teach basic shoulder girdle stabilisation, Fletcher's Pilates Towel workout evolved into a total body movement that is all about understanding what the body needs and responding to it. It helps making the body more aware of its movements and strengthens.

We’re going to hold our twisted towel and perform stretching exercises along with inhaling and exhaling. The focus of these exercises is on the positioning of hands, shoulders, feet and thighs, and creating a transitional ease between movements which helps realign and balance the body for better posture and flexibility.

Please bring your own towel.


Saturday, 19th September
1:30 - 5:30PM

Unit #3 Claregate Street, Kildare Town.

We're opening our doors to anyone who wishes to get more information, see our studio and see a quick demo on our Pilates equipment.

There's no need to make an appointment so if you're out and about - maybe going for another event of the Wellness Weekend - and want to learn more about what we do in studio, how the equipment works or wondering if Pilates is the right thing for you just pop in and I'll be happy to show you around, answer any questions and give you all the info about classes, courses etc. coming soon.

Please note we keep a very strict Covid policies in the studio so make sure you have your mask on, use the hand sanitiser that is available everywhere in the studio (especially as you come in) and make sure you're keeping 2 metres apart from other people that might be around.
If need be, I might ask you to come go grab a coffee or something and come back if there are too many people in the studio at that time.

Lots of exciting things are happening when you trust the journey even if you don't fully understand it.Really looking forward to seeing you around!

Much love, Aoife ღ

** You can find all the events of Kildare Town Wellness Weekend and book tickets on

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