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What Matters Now.. 🌸

Published on 12th Jul 2021 at 13:58 by Efrat (Aoife) Kahanov

Hi Everyone,
Here we are in July 2021 and although there was the hope that some restrictions will be lifted this is not yet the case - which does effect us, our plans and our aspiration maybe...

When it comes to the studio this means some changes to how we can facilitate training and teaching this summer which is fine by me because I'm done with the idea of "getting back to normal"!

We've lost a lot during 2020 & 2021.
We've also gained different perspectives both personal and global.
I'm also hearing a lot about of talk about CLARITY OF WHAT REALLY MATTERS NOW - which is definitely true for me.

None of that can be erased.
None of that should be eased, ignored or set aside.
I have no intension to disown, deny or reject all the stuff that happened and how it affected myself, my studio and people that walk into my studio or jump online.

Since I moved to Kildare 15 years ago (after 5 years living in Dublin) I've met and worked with some amazing humans.
Every once in a while I would get a whisper in my ear or a text, or an email saying "You're more than just a Pilates instructor" and I would proudly respond "nor are you just a 'client'... we're human-beings".
There's love and compassion and care that us
humans are capable of and if this pandemic
taught us anything, it showed us what is really
important, what really matters - our humanity.

With that said I know that the days of simply running
classes, the days where people just came to get their
"Pilates" (or "workout") and then leave - those days,
for me, are gone


So forward I move bringing MORE of me - my passion,
my joy, my honesty & clarity so you get to know where
I'm coming from and how I work and who I am as
your teacher, guide and fellow human.
It is also crystal clear that I need to bring the whole of ME and get to know the whole of YOU. 
How can I HELP YOU if I don't KNOW YOU?
How will you know I can HELP YOU if you don't


So what does it means?

Basically it means that - - -

  • IF you're willing to explore and find yourself IN your body as a human.
  • IF you're looking for a deeper connection as human WITH a body and
  • IF you're ready to explore, understand and engage with yourself both physically and mentally

Our studio is open!

Here's what's available:

Private 1-on-1 Sessions & In-Studio Training

Private 1-on-1 Sessions

Depending on what you want to work on Privates
can be a once-off to catch up and get get going
or packages for 3 or 5 Private sessions for more
in-depth work & consistency. 

Private sessions are meant for YOU - your
body, your challenges, your goals.

If you are new Pilates or new to our studio you
would need a minimum of 1 private after your
Assessment session to be able to join Studio-Training.

In-Studio Equipment Training

Studio Equipment Training will utilise our whole
studio & Pilates apparatus (Reformer/Tower/Mat/
Chair/Arch) to create a whole rounded and
customised training for the individuals taking part.

You will be assigned to your own apparatus

(Reformer/Tower/Mat/Chair) and/or props
for the duration of the training - no sharing
of equipment allowed and you must adhere
to social distancing rules and cleaning/disinfecting

Equipment used will vary from session to session depending on the individuals booked.

Pilates experience (equipment & mat) OR an in-person Assessment + 1 Private session must be completed in order to participate in studio training. We have Foundation Level for beginners and Mixed Level for experienced trainers.

Please note:

Pilates experience (equipment & mat) is needed to join In-Studio Training.

If you are new to Pilates or to our studio a minimum of Assessment + 1 Private Session must be completed in order to participate in studio training to the level advised to you.


If you are new to Pilates, new to our studio or it has been years since you've done Pilates, it is imperative that you first have an Assessment & Consultation so that we get to know you and your body: identify any issues you may have and learn what works best for you.

An Assessment & Consultation PLUS a minimum of 1x Private 1-on-1 session is necessary to be able to join In-Studio Training (Foundation) to ensure your safety in the studio (knowing your settings & variations) as well as to allow a flow of training with others.

For that reason we're introducing a new STARTER PACKAGE (Assessment + 1x Private) at a special reduce price to get you going.


A NEW Starter Package is now
available. It includes
1x Assessment &
Consultation (50min) +
1x Private 1-on-1 session (50min).

Some personal news from us:

Hello Baby :)

Our beautiful Anne had a baby girl
and her name is Emma.
Both mum & baby are doing great
taking it one day at time in a tender
bubble of love. 

Congratulations Anne!
We're so happy for you!!!

As for myself, I'm focusing on what we can do in studio until I'll be going to visit my mum (that I haven't seen since Dec. 2019) - so I'm also re-working the online offering for when I'm not physically available from mid August. More about the on-line in my next update to you all.
Until then, remember to pay attention to WHAT MATTERS RIGHT NOW TO YOU.

Much love, Aoifeღ

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