Our Policies

Studio Policies

  • We expect you show up for your classes and pay in full in advance.
    If you've paid a deposit, make sure to pay any balance due.

  • Please be in on-time for your class!
    When our front-desk is unattended studio doors will be locked while classes are in session. Please arrive a few minutes earlier to avoid being locked out (specially evenings and Saturday mornings).

  • We ask that you turn off your mobile phone in the studio.
    Ring-tunes, buzzing, and vibrating phones are disruptive to your class and can break the concentration of your instructor – We really want to teach you and give you our best! It’s nice not be interrupted by a phone…

  • Don't be a "No Show"
    Please let us know in due time if you cannot make your class so we can offer your space to someone else.

  • We strive to give you an alternative ‘make-up’ class for classes missed.
    Make-up classes are subject to availability due to cancellations and must be taken within course period! Your course is structured on week-to-week learning so do your best to come to your class. Classes missed are NOT carried forward once your course had finished.

  • We reserve the right to change class instructor where emergency coverage is required.

  • In the rare event of class cancelation due to unforeseen circumstances, we will let you known as soon as possible (phone/text) and another class date will be set.

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