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Our Reformer Classes

The Pilates Reformer is arguably the centrepiece of Joseph Pilates brilliant equipment inventions and is probably the most well-known Pilates apparatus.

A bed-like machine the Reformer uses springs to provide resistance or assistance as you push or pull the carriage, a moveable mat, that glides along the frame of the Reformer. The Reformer is also one of the most versatile Pilates machine both in its ability to use your body and its ability to adjust to any-body at whatever ability level they’re at.

The Pilates Reformer exercise routines will have you lying down, sitting, kneeling and standing for a full body workout whilst it will guide your body and help you keep form so your work becomes CORRECTIVE, EFFICIENT, and a tangible LEARNING EXPERIENCE.

Join us on this unique and most versatile of the Pilates equipment to 'Reform and Inform' your body as it moves. To read more about the Pilates Reformer click here.

About our Pilates Reformer Group Classes

  • ALL our Reformer Classes are done on Balanced Body™ Allegro Reformers that can adjust to any body type and ability level.
  • Classes are strictly limited to 6 participants to ensure plenty of individual attention and high level of supervision so you make the most out of your hour long Pilates workout.
  • Our classes are 1 hour long and we have enough interval periods between classes so that changeover does not take time away from your class.
  • Our Reformer Group Classes are available throughout the week, check our timetable for a day and time that fits your schedule.
  • Group classes are co-ed and suitable for both male and female.

New to the studio and not sure what to wear or bring? Click here.

About our Reformer Classes Levels:

Reformer Foundation

Reformer Foundation classes are an ideal start to Pilates! If you have never done Pilates before or are new to the Reformer this is the class for you.

In foundation classes you will familiarise yourself with the terminology and mechanics of the Reformer as well as the principle of the Pilates Method. You will learn and practice the beginners’ level exercises of the Reformer routine in a deliberate pace to truly start to feel how your body moves whilst learning optimal patterns of muscle engagement. 
You are welcome to stay in the Foundation level until you feel confident to enter the next level.

Reformer Level 1

Reformer Level 1 classes are suitable for those already familiar with the Reformer, confident with the equipment and techniques of foundation movement and beginners exercise routine. In these claasses, you learn the exercises beyond the beginners level and into the intermediate programme of the Reformer routine.

Classes move at a deliberate to moderate pace with some transitions between exercises as you already acquired a basic awareness of your body in movement and begin to find a flow of movement in your work. Classes also focus on coordination as well as increased mobility, stability and balance.

Reformer Level 2

Reformer Level 2 is our Intermediate level. You should be well rehearsed with the beginners Reformer routine and secured in the movement and technique of the Reformer work.

Classes build on Level 1 classes and assumes you have a good level of control, experience, and body awareness as we work through the intermediate Reformer routine and additional transitioning flow. With moderate to accelerated pace you develop more stamina as well as improved your overall strength, control, balance, flexibility and stability in your entire body.

Reformer Level 3

These classes are suitable for you if you are healthy, injury free and have been regularly and consistently taken Reformer classes for at least 1 year. You are expected to be very experienced and have skilful knowledge of the Reformer, Pilates terminology, cueing and technique.

Our level 3 classes progress with fast pace and flow and when appropriate increase spring intensity towards the full intermediate and advanced Reformer repertoire with challenging sequences and variations of exercises created by Joseph Pilates. This is a great energy filled class along with being a great way to advance your Pilates skills.

"A few well-designed movements, properly performed in a balanced sequence, are worth hours of doing sloppy calisthenics or forced contortion. "

Joseph H. Pilates

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